Brought to you by Blank Rome’s business restructuring & bankruptcy practice group, Bankruptcy Law Watch provides readers with a unique and inside perspective on significant commercial bankruptcy cases and decisions.

The blog’s authors, a skilled team of attorneys familiar with working on cases for both debtors and creditors, are adept in looking at cases from a multitude of perspectives and then explaining how and why the cases were handled in such manner. To refrain from bias, we exclude rash opinions and solely focus on impartially analyzing the cases.

With an eye towards proceedings in the state of Delaware and throughout the Northeast, this publication aims to cover both reported and unreported cases, offering information and insight not found elsewhere. While the subject matter is obviously complex in nature, we intend to present the information in a manner that is both easy to comprehend but extensive enough to offer value to our audience, whether they be in-house counsel, creditors who have claims in bankruptcy, or counsel who need help in bankruptcy cases in Delaware, New York, Philadelphia and nationally.